Our fees and rates

“Professionally decorated rooms  look expensive and many “are” expensive!  Yet others “only look” expensive and are really quite inexpensive in comparison to the beautiful design created by our staff. We, at Divine Creations, LLC, are sensitive to our client”s budgets.  We promise to keep you informed of unexpected costs during the design process for your continued approval!

Whether you want the finest original or the closest “look alike”, we are happy to accommodate!

We don’t like surprises and I am pretty sure you probably do not either!  We want you to be “excited” about your new design and especially thrilled with our design and staff!  We give 100% of ourselves to every project that we are designing for our clients, large or small!”

Designers can save their clients money

Because we have access to wholesale showrooms and purchasing, we are able to purchase fabrics, flooring, furniture and interior accessories at rates much lower than retail.  We are happy to charge an agreed upon percentage above wholesale cost on any furnishings ordered through our design firm.

Get it right the first time!

How many times have you thought that a selected paint color is precisely the one you wanted, only to find that once you’ve painted your room, it is not at all what you want?  Or,  bought  a piece of furniture that is “way to large or small” for the surrounding furnishings? A professional pays attention to scale not just the length and width of a piece.   And if you’ve purchased an item on sale, there may be no taking it back!  Using the services of an experienced professional saves –you time, frustration, and money.

We look forward to helping you make your home “all that you dreamed it would be! 🙂


  • Initial    The First Hour Consultation is Free!
  • Hourly Fee:    $150.00 Hour     $75.00 Hour Shopping Fee  ( covers: gas, time, and design expertise)
  • Flat Fees:  Flat Fees are available upon request.  “Set your budget” and we will work with you.
  • Complete Design/Decorating Service:  This is for the client who wants Full Design Service.  This work begins during the planning stages of your project and is not completed until all furnishings and decor have been installed.  This includes a complete Interior Design Plan, as well as, complete Interior Decorating Services.    Sue Mac or one of the other designers will draw scaled design plans and present decorating and furnishing options to their client.  Then Divine Creations, LLC will coordinate all plans with the Building Contractor, Architect, and serve as a Project Manager, if needed.  These decisions can be quite overwhelming for most clients.
    • This includes narrowing down the  numerous choices for their clients.
      • For Example: Selections of entrance doors, windows, moldings, fireplace design, mantles,
    • furniture, placement of specialty lighting, chandeliers, bathroom and kitchen lighting,
    • appliances, counter tops and other hard surfaces, cabinet style, color, and finish, hardware,
    • window treatments, fabrics, interior and exterior paint and color selections, floor selections –
    • carpet, area rugs, tile,stone, hardwood, concrete, etc.
    • Outdoor living space designs and furnishings
  • Square Foot: Prices range between $2.50- $4.50 sq. ft. Depending on the amount of work involved. (Example:  Wall color selections, decorating, etc. would be $2.50 sq.ft.  Major design, removal of walls, etc. will be closer to $4.00 sq.ft.)
  • Special Contractors’ Prices: We offer “Reduced”  Flat Fees and Hourly Rates to the trade.”We Love working with Builders, Real Estate Agents, Restaurants, Hotels, Architects and other Interior Designers.”  Special Contractor prices are available to the Trade! Please send a copy of your Business License and any other pertinent information to verify your business status.
  • Please call 843-822-7939 for special pricing details.
  • Initial payment of 25% of expected Total is required to begin work.  During installation, 50% of the total must be paid and the remaining 25% is paid at completion.